Arctic Region Supercomputing Center does not exist and has not since I retired. I did a major update of the Wikipedia Arctic Region Supercomputing Center page detailing Top 500 list standing and it’s loss of DoD funding which I also detailed in the DoD Supercomputing Resource Centers section of the High Performance Computing Modernization Program Wikipedia page.

I started with ARSC Monday, August 31, 2009 and created the page by the end of the year when I created an ARSC HPC Users’ Newsletter contribution.

My time with ARSC ended August 31, 2015 when I retired, not coincidentally, the same day Arctic Region Supercomputing Center ceased to exist.

The page is a copy of what was at with broken links changed. Some of the links were changed to point to pages captured by The Internet Archive as part of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

This site builds upon the no-ssl site which includes /Public/Scripts and more to support additional-sites.