The secure website has been my main private website since the early part of this century when the Army Signal Corps on Fort Wainwright convinced me that a LAMP server with password authentication should NOT be served up on an un secure website.

The site is currently configured as the default site for traffic on the 443 port.

The site includes a MediaWiki and additional home grown database that has been one of my main ways of tracking personal information and information related to my relationship with companies, people and other topics. The Mediawiki application was added when I was working for Arctic Region Supercomputing Center as was influenced by their adoption of an internal wiki using MediaWiki as an official communications platform.

In 2017 I implemented the LAM AWS VPC powered clone of the LAM Secure Website after my home had been burgled earlier in the year. At the time my home in Alaska was burgled I was on my annual vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Califirnia, Sur, Mexico and had been manualy maintaining one of my laptops as a clone of and actually first noticed the burglary when unable to connect to the LAM AK server.