Happiness is an illusion

The balance needed for a happy life, to a certain extent, is illusory.

Happiness is an illusion… a state of the individuals mind…a conditioned state. It is like a fleeting illusion that is constantly pursued in an effort to avoid its opposite state of mind which is sorrow. The mind is in constant flux between the two and so balance cannot be achieved. Balance is achieved when one cuts right through the center of the two states and abides in the tranquility of the space between them. Happiness and sorrow are then neither accepted nor rejected, for the centered man neither pursues one nor runs from the other. Happiness is confused with peace. When people want to be happy they really want to be at peace. Peace is known when happiness is no longer craved and sorrow no longer feared.

This closely parallel’s the statement; ignorance is bliss. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to let go of things that bother us and drift into an illusory world where our problems become non-existent.

I found this blob I had recorded back on November 11, 2010 but I failed to record a source. I remember wondering at the time if I want to be happy if the happiness came from ignorance. It’s still worth thought.